Autism, ADHD, and Entrepreneurship with Jeremy Nagel

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Have you ever wondered how your perceived struggles can become your superpower?

In the world of business, ADHD and Autism, are often barriers to entry but with a little creativity, it can also serve as a unique advantage. This intertwining of adversity, ambition, and thinking outside the box opens up the discussion for unlimited potential.

That's why for this week's Boss Your Business podcast guest, I have Jeremy Nagel, ready to share his journey as an entrepreneur with autism and ADHD - a journey that highlights how one can overcome societal bias and carve a fulfilling path within the competitive startup ecosystem! 

Meet The Guest:

Jeremy Nagel started off as a software developer where he founded his startup, Smooth Messenger. An app that was successfully sold to Message Media in 2022. This startup's successful exit showed his ability to conceptualize and build something that resonated with users and industry players alike. Currently, Jeremy continues to contribute to Message Media as their dynamic product manager. 

However, his entrepreneurial spirit didn't stop there! His passion drove him to launch a new startup called Focus Bear. Uniquely positioned as a productivity and work-life balance app specifically designed for people with ADHD to foster an inclusive digital landscape. 

Talking about his experience with neurodivergence, Jeremy reveals that 7 years ago, like many diagnostic procedures, the tests cost a considerable amount of money. Unfortunately, the steep charge of $3,000, coupled with the financial constraints of managing a business that was not yet profitable, left him with a pre-diagnosis. But this did help him a lot to release a lot of the self-judgment and opened him to learning more about trying to balance his superpower - his inner neurospicy.

It’s no secret that navigating a business with Autism and ADHD comes with its unique set of challenges like overworking when in hyper-focus mode, forgetting to eat, not having enough spoons to do certain tasks, potential cases of being overwhelmed, and many more. Still, pioneers like Jeremy Nagel are instrumental in shattering the stigma, cultivating inclusivity, and showcasing that neurodiversity creates different paths to success.

As we continue to explore and share these amazing tales of business owners and their unique journeys, stories like Jeremy's provide immeasurable inspiration and hope. It's a reminder—for all of us— that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. By embracing his business and life with Autism and ADHD, he is not just breaking barriers but also encouraging others to continue pursuing their own creative dreams! So, don’t miss this episode, it just might be the boost you need.

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00:00 | Introduction
04:30 | Neurodivergence As A Pathway To Business Success
08:32 | Implementing Structures And Rules To Prevent Burnout 
14:08 | Building Relationships Lead To Business Opportunities
17:23 | Creating Good Habits For Healthier Productivity 

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Autism, ADHD, and Entrepreneurship with Jeremy Nagel
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