Calm Community Building for Online Creators with Deb Schull

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Have you been struggling to grow your community or have you been stuck with the same business routine you have that clients are not engaging online anymore? You’re in luck because this week’s Boss Your Business Podcast episode is for you!

Meet Deb Schell, a community-building wizard whose strategies have empowered entrepreneurs across the globe 🌐 From bustling business hubs in the U.S. to the scenic views of Scandinavia, her virtual expertise knows no bounds.

Deb’s launch and management of an online community coupled with co-hosting over 30 virtual events, showcases her unparalleled experience in growing engaged memberships. 🎙️ She also has her podcast - Community Strategy Podcast, with 100 episodes and over 8,000 downloads!

And the cherry on top? 🍒 She's also a newly published author! Her book is a gold mine for creators to transform into a community builder.

Whether you’re cozy in Pennsylvania or navigating the digital nomad lifestyle from a remote beach, Deb's strategies are geographically boundless!

Meet The Guest:
Deb Schell’s journey to becoming a community strategist began when she recognized the need for creators to build a solid online presence. With the rise of digital learning and virtual events, Deb saw an opportunity to help others navigate the complex world of online groups and course creation.

Now based in central Pennsylvania, Deb’s virtual strategies have reached a global audience, working with business leaders from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, and Norway.

She has extensive experience in hosting virtual events, having co-hosted more than 30 events within her own membership, in addition to hosting the Community Strategy Podcast, with over 100 episodes and 8,000 downloads. 

In her recently released book, Deb shares her insights and strategies for building a thriving online community. The book is filled with practical advice and actionable steps for creators looking to sell courses and find calm in the ever-changing online landscape.

She highlights the importance of understanding your target audience and self-care for creators. By knowing who you're serving and what they need, you can create courses and content that truly resonates with your people. But of course, the demands of building and maintaining a community can easily burn you out. That's why finding the balance is a priority. 

Deb also emphasizes the need to build trust and connection with your audience, as this is the foundation for a successful online community. The combo of these two ultimately leads to a more successful and sustainable business.

Her latest book - The Creator to Community Builder: Find Calm in Building an Online Community, is a must-read for any creator looking to navigate the virtual world with ease and grace. Drawing from her own experiences and the lessons she's learned while working with countless entrepreneurs, Deb provides a roadmap to building a successful online community that feels both manageable and enjoyable. So, if you’re new when it comes to building and growing an online community or have been stuck in the loop, be sure to catch this episode!

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00:00 | Introduction
04:11 | Creating And Engaging Your Online Community
10:26 | Building Relationships To Connect And Support Community Members
16:02 | Establishing Realistic Expectations And Defining What Retention Means

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Calm Community Building for Online Creators with Deb Schull
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