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In this super fun episode, I present to you the ever-amazing, Ian Anderson Gray, a versatile professional singer who embarked on an unexpected journey into the world of social media marketing. Discover how a viral blog post transformed his career and led him to empower entrepreneurs worldwide.

About the Guest:
Ian Anderson Gray's multi-career first took off as a professional classical singer, a passion he pursued for his love of music. His expertise extended beyond the musical sphere when he also became interested in technology. The 2 worlds collided and when the opportunity came, he didn’t know that this was the start of his unexpected journey towards the future.

In 2011, Ian began blogging as a hobby, however, the power of digital reach soon made its presence felt, and one of his blog posts caught the viral wave! This success catapulted Ian into the digital spotlight and set a new direction for his career.

Fast forward to 2016, Ian got invited to Social Media Marketing World (SMMW) to be a speaker and this coincided with Facebook Live's launch. This surprising plot twist gave him the golden opportunity — Ian realized he could use his performance background, teaching skills, and love for technology to foster a company that would help other introverts set up their online business.

Overcoming personal challenges and being diagnosed with ADHD, Ian used these experiences to push forward with greater resilience and redefine his goals. 

He created the Confident Live Marketing Academy because he recognized the intimidating side of social media. He has designed the academy to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to leverage creating content and LIVE videos confidently. They also provide invaluable training and resources, from technical guidance to confidence-boosting techniques!

Ian also founded 'Seriously Social,' a blog that focuses on live video and social media tools, aiming to simplify the complex ‘techno-babble’ that often surrounds these platforms. Similarly, his podcast addresses this techno-ease mission, providing listeners with easy-to-understand discussions on advancing their live-stream presence and social media marketing grip.

Today, he is an international speaker, trainer, teacher, and consultant specializing in live video and social media marketing. Despite his humble beginnings and initial separation between his passions—music, teaching, and technology—Ian successfully integrated these skills to pioneer a new pathway in marketing.

Ian Anderson Gray's story unravels how a new path can emerge into your life when you least expect it. It's the story of a man who dared to embrace life's changes and seize opportunities that most see as challenges. 

From building a powerful personal brand to harnessing the full potential of live video, you'll uncover gems of wisdom that you can implement immediately.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to level up your digital marketing game!

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06:12 | Entrepreneurship: A Journey Of Self Development
13:46 | The Value Of Being Yourself And Authentic Connections 

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