Embracing Neurodiversity and Prioritizing Self-Care in the Workplace with Katherin McCord

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Do you ever find yourself feeling bad for all the countless talented individuals who remain unnoticed and overlooked due to the rigid social structures in corporate environments?

This week, on the Boss Your Business Podcast, I'd like you to meet Katherine McCord. 

Katherine is an international speaker who passionately advocates for the transformative power of embracing neurodiversity and self-care. This brilliant human being harnesses her neurodivergence as a superpower to create safer, more caring spaces in the workplace by openly discussing and implementing accommodations.

Don't miss this eye-opening episode! Tune in to the Boss Your Business Podcast and discover the incredible impact of embracing our differences and creating an environment that supports everyone's potential. 

Meet The Guest:

At the age of six, Katherine McCord was already looking at the world of business in her own unique way. She wasn't just playing pretend HR; she was slowly setting the stage for a life where neurodiversity isn't just accepted but celebrated as a creative force.

Despite her multiple physical challenges (some include MCAS and seizures) and neurodiverse conditions (bipolar and OCD), Katherine never saw these to define her limits. Instead, her parents helped her carve out a path for discovering how to live with it, celebrate her strengths, and pursue her goals. Their support and her creative perspective fueled her to, later on, help other neurodivergents to experience the upbringing she collected over the years.

One of the strategies that Katherine proposes mostly to companies is the creation of "symbiotic work cells," a harmonious solution where a small group of diverse individuals collectively manage different angles of work as they complement, learn, and grow from each other which leads to a more resilient and responsive workforce, where absences are less disruptive, and team synergy propels productivity. 

Katherine also calls out an uncomfortable truth in modern workplaces: the reluctance to openly discuss and implement 'accommodations' that can support employees to perform at their best. Her suggestion is simple yet effective: make these 'accommodations’ as standard options. By doing so, organizations can foster an ecosystem of support, trust, and genuine care without the stigma typically attached to such requests.

Beyond understanding neurodiversity, Katherine spotlights the ever-important concept of self-care in the corporate setting. No longer just a buzzword or a token nod to employee wellness, self-care should also be a core business strategy—a means to replenish the mind and spirit of the workforce, enabling enhanced productivity and happier, more fulfilled members.

It's clear that the journey to cultivating a thriving team is rooted in understanding and nurturing individual strengths. This episode didn’t just provide a concrete blueprint for success but also revealed the true potential of your team. Time to unlock it with care, embrace variety, and watch as productivity reaches new heights!

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00:00 | Introduction
08:31 | Daily-life In Neurodiversity - Embracing And Adapting
15:02 | Symbiotic Work Cells; A Key To Team Efficiency 
18:45 | Normalizing Workplace “Accommodations” 
26:01 | Positive Reframing - Choosing What You Take In Your Life

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Embracing Neurodiversity and Prioritizing Self-Care in the Workplace with Katherin McCord
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