Empowering Entrepreneurs by Transforming Corporate Stagnation into Purpose with Karen Laos

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Have you ever held yourself back from achieving your dreams because of a nagging voice in your head telling you it's impossible? What if the invisible wall you’ve built from fear, doubt, and the very lessons of your upbringing are the only things keeping you from unlocking your fullest potential? 
In this episode of the Boss Your Business Mindset Podcast, Karen Laos shares her mission to help people shift their mindsets from "I can't" to "How can I?" 
Tune in and learn more about Karen’s approach to eradicating self-doubt with strategic methods and practices that turn self-imposed limitations into launch pads for success! 
Meet The Guest 
Karen Laos' story begins with a vivid memory from her childhood, where her father taught her the art of negotiation through a simple exercise at a flea market. This experience ignited her love for striking deals and built her unshakable belief in the power of asking for what one wants.  
This sense of power conveyed a conflicting message as she watched her mother manage a large family of nine children but still be submissive under the orders of her father. Receiving mixed messages about her role and the power of her own voice, Karen unknowingly brings these values as she works.
Being a high achiever type of person, Karen quickly rose to the ranks in her corporate career showcasing her expertise in negotiation. However, Karen faced a common problem that affects many women working in offices—self-doubt.  
Despite her achievements and outward confidence, Karen recognized this silent struggle within herself and countless other women. These shared experiences of self-doubt weren't just personal battles but a widespread phenomenon that needed to be addressed. 
At 52 years old resigning from her job, that’s when she decided to pivot from corporate to purpose-driven empowerment. Karen started her mission to eradicate self-doubt, target the root causes, and provide strategies for women to rediscover their voice, values, and vision. Her main goal is to empower 10 million women over the next decade, a new generation of confident, assertive, and successful female leaders and entrepreneurs.
So whether it’s negotiating your next business deal, stepping into a leadership role, or simply learning to assert your worth, remember—the journey to embracing your full potential starts with believing in your own voice and value.
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00:00 | Introduction
05:49 | Setting Big Goals; Pushing Yourself Past The Doubts 
12:10 | Embracing Self-Acceptance And Recognizing Inner Value
18:06 | Letting Others See Who You Really Are
22:12 | Two Methods To Overcome Negative Self-Talk

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Empowering Entrepreneurs by Transforming Corporate Stagnation into Purpose with Karen Laos
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