How Podcasting turned into a Business with Julia Hickman

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Join podcast growth strategist, Julia Hickman, as she shares her journey and podcast strategies to help entrepreneurs launch and run their podcasts. Learn about podcasting for business, aligning values with business, taking days off from your business, and more.
Are you ready to grow your business in podcasting and make a difference with your voice? Julia Hickman did it, and she's here to show you how. 

Julia is an entrepreneur who achieved success by realigning her values with her business. Through podcasting, she was able to run a successful business that gave her the freedom to do what she loves and make an impact. 

But how did Julia get to where she is now? How can podcasting be used for business? What are her processes, workflows, and tips that she found most helpful in running a podcasting business with success? Above all, how did she manage to do all that while running a family of four?! 

In this post, we'll talk about Julia's journey from dreaming of a fitness business, to working in finance, to podcasting for her own business. She’ll also dive into the importance of taking days off from your business, and whether or not it is okay to work on a Saturday. 

Finally, we'll look at Julia's processes and workflows so you can start podcasting for your own business. 

With podcasting, Julia has been able to reach more people and make an impact in the world. She's a wife, mother of two, a podcast coach, and business growth strategist. She helps entrepreneurs launch and run their own podcasts so they can build their voice, influence, and bottom line. 

Are you ready to learn more about podcasting for business? Listen to the entire episode today! 


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00:00 | Introduction
02:05 | Julia's story
05:34 | From fitness, to finance, to running a business?
12:53 | Your business and your values
15:18 | Taking Fridays and weekends off
17:16 | Working on a Saturday
21:33 | Julia's processes and workflows

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How Podcasting turned into a Business with Julia Hickman
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