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In the business world, a lot of factors can contribute to our feelings of overall success. However, few things give the same satisfaction as paying yourself more - a tangible symbol of your company's growth.

"Diving into finance" might not be your go-to phrase for an exciting adventure, but it’s probably because you haven't met Craig Dacy yet.

That’s why for this week’s Boss Your Business Podcast episode, I'll be pulling back the curtains on how Craig helps individuals and business owners to destress their money matters — enabling them to focus more on their passions!

Join us to learn more about Craig Dacy's financial wizard journey, how he uses Profit First magic, and make finance something you actually look forward to!

Meet The Guest:

Craig Dacy is an online personality, content creator, and entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas, who began his coaching journey in an elementary school classroom. 

You might wonder how a former elementary school teacher made his way into the world of financial literacy. Well, the turning point in his career came when he and his wife were also trying to free themselves from the burden of debt. This development made Craig fall in love with the financial literacy process! 

He realized that by merging his practical financial management abilities with his teaching experience, he had a unique opportunity to simplify and decode the complexities of finance for everyone. 

Craig's passion for financial literacy supports his mission of helping business owners shake off their financial stress and focus on doing what they love most. He speaks the challenging language of finance with ease and translates it into simpler, relatable terms for his clients. This is finance with an empathetic lean, meeting businesses where they're at, and then guiding them toward profitable futures.

His company is also dedicated to transforming the way business owners approach money management by using the Profit First method. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, it's a game-changing finance approach that helps businesses prioritize profits over expenses. 

Handling finances doesn't have to be an exercise in constant stress and worry for any business owner. Craig Dacy's story demonstrates how a former teacher's journey from debt burden to financial enlightenment is a lesson in breaking apart old narratives and rebuilding them in terms of empowerment and financial wisdom.

It's a jam-packed episode for sure, one that you shouldn't miss! 

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00:00 | Introduction
01:26 | Enhancing Life With Financial Literacy 
05:21 | Profit First: Freedom Over Your Income And Time
10:00 | Useful Tips For Implementing Profit First
15:31 |Profit First Struggles - Figuring Out Your Percentages
21:19 | Effects of Profit First On You And Your Business  

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How to Pay Yourself More with Craig Dacy
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