How Your Brand Makes Business More Efficient w/ Rachel Lee

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Personal branding can be the missing link between running a successful business and being able to live the life you want. But it's much more than just a logo, it's an entire system of marketing, personal growth, and empowerment. 

And if you’re not convinced, I want you to meet Rachel Lee. 

Rachel is one creative entrepreneur who understands the power of personal branding. In fact, she lives and breathes it! 

But Rachel didn’t get to where she is today overnight. Her personal journey has taken her from part-time freelancing, to full-time working with clients on their personal brands. Along the way, she’s had to make mistakes, learn and refine her skills, and discover what it means to truly run a business. She even got to the point where she questioned what she truly was meant to do!

Through her own journey as an entrepreneur, she learned that personal branding was much more than what meets the eye - it's about finding your unique voice, connecting with your ideal audience, and creating experiences that build authentic relationships. 

In this episode, we’ll hear more about Rachel’s personal story, of how she went from feeling unfulfilled in her "dream job" to pivoting her business to personal branding. We’ll also hear her insights about how personal branding can help your business become more efficient, and empower you to create the life you truly want. Last but not the least, we’ll get the chance to discuss some of the tools and processes that allow Rachel to live the life she wants while helping entrepreneurs reach success with their businesses. 

If you're ready to learn from Rachel's personal story, gain insight into personal branding, attract your ideal audience, and build an authentic personal brand based on your values and vision – don't miss this episode!

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00:00 | Introduction
02:15 | Rachel's story
06:07 | Don't expect perfection
09:07 | What people really buy from you
11:49 | What branding is
13:33 | Misaligned branding
19:30 | Attracting the ideal audience through branding
22:57 | How Rachel works with her clients
28:23 | Tools and processes

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How Your Brand Makes Business More Efficient w/ Rachel Lee
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