Igniting The Fire Within with Dee Hoch

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Having experienced alternative ways of living and working remotely during the pandemic, it became clear to a lot of people that their pre-pandemic career paths were not supporting well-being and life goals. This led most of us to actively pursue more fulfilling, self-directed careers even if it required significant changes or starting fresh in a new field. Our guest today is a woman who exemplifies this trend! 

Dee Hoch transitioned from healthcare and outreach roles to founding her own coaching business, Fire Within Coaching, LLC. Her story of uncovering fulfillment through a scary career change may inspire you to catch fire within and start your own adventure - so keep your eyes peeled and watch how this coach caught her big career shift and now helps others do the same!

Meet The Guest:

Dee Hoch's heartled journey began as a community outreach worker, where she focused on educating others about HIV, STDs, and Hep C, addressing the need for accurate information and combating miscommunication. However, Dee was never one to follow a traditional career path. Throughout her varied career stops, a passion for helping others through challenging transitions emerged! 

She found fulfillment in empowering individuals and teams to overcome obstacles through education, positivity, and personal growth. This devotion led Dee to pursue her coaching certification and launch Fire Within Coaching, LLC in 2021. Her mission is to guide clients through pivotal life and career choices using proven strategies aligned with their core values and strengths.

As a business owner, Dee appreciates the freedom to blend her work with other priorities like family time. By drawing on diverse professional expertise, she adapts her approach to each client's unique situation.

For those seeking self-development and career reinvention, Dee Hoch shares how unwavering commitment to purpose can transform work into a personal fulfilling endeavor. Tune in to the latest Boss Your Business Podcast because this episode just might spark that career jump youโ€™ve been putting off!

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๐Ÿ† Highlights ๐Ÿ†

00:00 | Introduction
03:14 | Nonconformity and Understanding You Have Options
07:27 | Self-imposed Limits Lead to Burnouts 
10:36 | Connecting with People Through Compassion, and Not Judgment
18:09 | Maximizing Team Members with Defined Accountability 


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Igniting The Fire Within with Dee Hoch
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