Intuitive Entrepreneurs: How Spirituality Fuels Thriving Business Empires w/ Ambila Nath

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In a world that values material success above all else, it's refreshing to meet individuals who have found a way to combine spirituality with entrepreneurship. Ambila Nath is one such individual, who has made a name for herself by harnessing the power of intuition in her business ventures.

Ambila's journey from the corporate world to the spiritual realm is a fascinating one. After experiencing burnout from her high-pressure job, she turned to coaching and found a passion for helping others. But it wasn't until she began incorporating spirituality into her coaching that she truly found her calling.

What sets Ambila apart is her ability to combine the logical and the spiritual. She uses her expertise in business to teach others how to thrive in their careers, while also incorporating spiritual practices that help individuals tap into their intuition and make decisions from a place of deep knowing.

One of the key themes in Ambila's teachings as an intuitive entrepreneur is the importance of taking opportunities, even if they don't seem logical at first. Trusting your gut and stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead to incredible growth and success.

Ambila also emphasizes the need to unlearn societal norms that don't work for us. By shedding limiting beliefs and breaking free from the expectations of others, we can create a life that truly aligns with our values.

In this episode, we'll dive into some of Ambila's favorite tools and processes. We'll also talk about how planning backwards and trusting your intuition can help you in the planning process. By following her advice, you too can be a successful intuitive entrepreneur. 

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πŸ† Highlights πŸ†
00:00 | Introduction
03:18 | Journey from corporate to spiritual business
04:41 | Coaching after corporate burnout?
15:07 | Combining both the logical and spiritual to teach people
17:18 | On trusting one’s gut
18:09 | Unlearning societal norms that don’t work
30:00 | Favorite tools and processes
31:25 | Planning backwards as an Intuitive Entrepreneur
32:37 | Trusting your intuition and planning

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Intuitive Entrepreneurs: How Spirituality Fuels Thriving Business Empires w/ Ambila Nath
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