Is the Nomad Lifestyle For You? Live and Work From Anywhere w/ Rebecca Beaton

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We've all heard of the nomadic lifestyle—traveling from place to place, working remotely, and always keeping an open mind. But is this truly a sustainable lifestyle? What would it actually require? 

Today, we’re going to talk about how one woman—Rebecca Beaton—made it work. 

But let me tell you: it wasn't an easy path for Rebecca. In search of clarity on what she really wanted to do, she tried over 30 different jobs before she turned 30, and it wasn't until she embraced the nomadic lifestyle that she was able to work as a successful digital coach. 

But she didn't get there fast —it took years of refinement and consistency for Rebecca to be able to work from anywhere and live a life that suited her. 

And you'll be astonished to hear her story of how she took a huge leap in search of clients in San Diego. 

How? She wrote a sign on a pizza box offering free coaching services and sat for hours on the seawall. It was nerve-wracking, to say the least. But her efforts paid off—tons of people reached out for her help!

We'll hear from Rebecca about her journey, the tools she used, and how being in process with your career can help you move closer to what you really want out of work. We'll also get inside details on how she was able to make it work—including the story of when she offered free coaching services in San Diego and scared herself beyond belief! 

Stay tuned as we explore "Is the Nomad Lifestyle For You? Live and Work From Anywhere" in this episode of Boss Your Business. 

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00:00 | Introduction
01:41 | Be in a process with your career
06:08 | Rebecca's story
09:07 | The San Diego story
11:01 | On doing scary things
14:16 | Not an overnight success story
20:28 | Processes
26:50 | Tools

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Is the Nomad Lifestyle For You? Live and Work From Anywhere w/ Rebecca Beaton
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