School Teacher turned Multi 7-Figure Online Business Owner w/ Jess Glazer DeRose

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When Jess Glazer DeRose decided to retire her husband just a few short years after starting her digital business, it became evident that she was onto something big. With humble beginnings as an elementary school teacher, then as a celebrity personal trainer, Jess unabashedly embraced the entrepreneurial journey with no expectation of success — and yet, within 18 months, she had grown a multimillion-dollar business! 

Jess is now a successful online business owner, having been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and more. But what’s even more impressive than her success story is the way she got there. 

Her success story is an inspiration to us all as it exemplifies how ego can be a self-fulfilling prophecy and how your “cute” side hustle could take you places you never thought possible.

It also underscores that success starts with you — and not just your business. You need to integrate your personal life into it and put yourself first before it can grow into a lasting legacy. Additionally, you need to get out of your own way so your business can run efficiently and effectively while continuing to listen to what customers need — as they are the key to your success. 

Let's dive into the story of how this self-made entrepreneur made it happen. Listen to learn more about Jess Glazer DeRose and her incredible journey to success — plus see what lessons you can learn from her story!

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00:00 | Introduction
01:14 | Jess's story
04:40 | Managing a "cute" side hustle
07:00 | Ego is a self-fulfilling prophecy
10:35 | Integrating life with business
13:35 | Putting yourself first
16:30 | Getting yourself out of your own way
22:52 | Listening, listening, listening

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School Teacher turned Multi 7-Figure Online Business Owner w/ Jess Glazer DeRose
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