Level-Up Your Mindset, Master Your Marketing with Kendra Losee

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Marketing is probably one of the hardest yet most vital aspects when it comes to running a successful business. It involves being intuitive to market trends, creating noteworthy branding initiatives, and understanding consumer behaviors to stay on top of mind in the midst of all the noise and chaos online. 

However, despite its complexities, marketing is also immensely rewarding if you do it right! It's the driving force that propels your business to the forefront, engages your customers, builds community, and fundamentally shapes your business identity. 

In this week’s Boss Your Business Podcast guest, we have the remarkable Kendra Losee, a marketing guru who's perfected the art of blending marketing savviness with advanced mindset techniques. Tune in as she shares how to transform business landscapes and help entrepreneurs thrive in this ever-evolving market environment.

Meet The Guest:

Kendra Losee is the driving force, a digital marketing veteran with 25 years of invaluable processes and knowledge under her belt. Kendra's unique ability to combine advanced mindset mastery techniques with neurolinguistic programming (NLP) has empowered business owners to rewire their mindset, master marketing, and claim their success.

Kendra is not just another marketer, she is an award-winning professional with a coherent grasp of digital and omni-channel strategies. Her caliber and wisdom are such that for nearly a decade, she has been a trusted social media professor in San Diego. And no, she hasn't been teaching for a decade at the tender age of 29. It's time we shift the narrative surrounding age.

Adding to her impressive resume, Kendra is the co-author of 'Digital Etiquette for Dummies,' further solidifying her position as an expert in the field. Her fine finesse has seen her conduct 100+ captivating live interviews with top-tier partners, including renowned universities.

Being a graduate of UCSD and Purdue, Kendra's commitment and passion for in-depth knowledge and constant learning have led her to master neurolinguistic programming, timeline therapy, and hypnotherapy. This unique blend of marketing prowess and mindset mastery forms a new dimension in the business landscape.

But success in the business world isn't solely about profit margins and revenue generation. It's about creating a paradigm shift in how we perceive our businesses – about rewiring our mindset for success. Today, Kendra focuses her efforts on guiding entrepreneurs even over the age of 40. She helps them unearth their true worth, build unwavering confidence, generate prospective leads, and cultivate purpose-driven, sustainable businesses.

In this episode of Boss Your Business Podcast, Kendra Losee shares her insight on how entrepreneurs can repurpose their thought process, honing in on their marketing strategies for enhanced success. So, tune in and discover how to scale your business in ways that align with not just your vision, but also your core values.

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00:00 | Introduction
08:26 |Embracing Technology In Times Of Crisis
10:53 | Prioritizing Goals And Realizing The Effects Of Overworking
15:12 | Avoiding Burnout And Discovering Passion
18:46 | Boosting Business Owners’ Confidence Through Proper Coaching
20:21 | Simplifying Processes With Available Tools 


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Level-Up Your Mindset, Master Your Marketing with Kendra Losee
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