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Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years, with over 180 million people now listening on a regular basis. As more business owners discover their potential for lead generation and marketing, getting on relevant podcasts as a guest can be a powerful way to expand your reach and visibility. So if you're looking for new and creative ways to attract more customers and generate buzz around your business, our guest for today is the woman for the job!

On this episode of the Boss Your Business Podcast, we have Victoria Bennion, founder of Victoria Bennion Booking Agency, ready to share her valuable insights into how guests can maximize the benefits from their podcast appearances. You see, Victoria has been helping clients book impactful podcast interviews to raise brand awareness and credibility.

The truth is, with the right prep work and strategic guest appearances on influential shows, business owners can position themselves as thought leaders while driving real leads and sales.

So, really... why not give it a shot and use it to grow your brand?

Meet the Guest:

Victoria is the founder of the Victoria Bennion Podcast Booking Agency where she works with expert business owners to build their brands and grow their businesses through leveraging podcast interviews. She also hosts The Best Guest podcast and is a co-author of The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever by Mark Schaefer and Friends.

Want a pro tip? When it comes to maximizing the marketing impact of podcast visibility, Victoria recommends guests prepare well in advance. Have a conversation outline and be ready to share interesting case studies or stories from your business that listeners will remember. Most importantly, make it more about the value you can provide the audience rather than solely self-promoting your services or products.

Tune in as Victoria Bennion dishes more juicy deets on leveraging podcasts like a pro to boost your brand and generate more clients faster than you can say "subscribe and follow.” Oh and she’ll also be spilling the tea on her processes and tools for managing both her team and clients in an efficient, streamlined manner - what a treat!!

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00:00 | Introduction
01:33 | Grabbing Opportunity When It Presents Itself
05:04 | Time Blocking for Busy Moms  
06:56 | Example of Time Blocking
08:41 | Processes And Tools For Business Management
12:18 | Onboarding Documents For New Clients  
14:26 | Details On Victoria’s Work In Mark Schaefer’s Book
17:04 | Adding Training Courses And Resources 
20:47 | Maximizing Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest


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Podcast Guesting For Business Growth with Victoria Bennion
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