Scenario Thinking for Entrepreneurs: Why Every Business Needs a Long-Term Strategy w/ Ursula Eysin

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Learn why every entrepreneur needs to have a business long-term strategy and how scenario thinking can help you prepare for the unknowns of tomorrow.
As an entrepreneur, you know that planning is key. But while it’s important to have short-term goals and strategies, what about the long-term?

Yes, you need to have a plan for the future, but it’s not enough just to set goals. You also need to anticipate what might go wrong and how you can prepare for it. That’s where scenario thinking comes in.

But let me stop you right there. Let's talk about what scenario thinking truly is. 

Scenario thinking is nothing like looking at a crystal ball, so you can predict the future and prepare for it. Rather, it’s a structured process of brainstorming and discussing the different possible scenarios that could happen in your business. It helps you to think about how you would respond to different situations so that if they do arise, you’re not caught off-guard.

Why? Because the truth of the matter is, our brains are lazy. We often don’t think about the worst-case scenarios until they actually happen, and more often than not, it’s too late to do anything. And unfortunately, that's where most business owners go wrong (and sometimes, fail). 

So, if you don’t want to be caught off guard by the unknowns of tomorrow, scenario planning is the key to future-proofing your business and making sure that no matter what happens, you can handle it. 

And lucky for us, we're joined by Ursula Eysin, Founder of Red Swan, a consultancy focusing on the development of future scenarios. If you're interested in learning more about scenario planning or just plain curious about what Ursula does, stay tuned for her talk on the topic! 

Get ready to dump your crystal ball and start future-proofing your business with scenario planning. Listen to the full episode today. 

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Ursula's monthly column "Code Red" for Austria's biggest technology magazine E-Media is now also available on Substack: "Code Red - Technology, Madness, and the Future of Humanity.":

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00:00 | Introduction
01:30 | Ursula's Experience
03:30 | Realizations
07:06 | Scenario Planning
08:24 | Future-Proofing Your Business
15:24 | On Dealing with Uncertainties
17:30 | The Role of Your Own Beliefs
18:30 | Risk vs Comfort
23:49 | Ursula's Workflow and Processes

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Scenario Thinking for Entrepreneurs: Why Every Business Needs a Long-Term Strategy w/ Ursula Eysin
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