Selling From Your Comfort Zone w/ Stacey Hall

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Selling hasn't always been easy, and it can often seem intimidating or even a bit scary. 

And let's be real: many of us even think sales is cringey, cutthroat, and manipulative. But we can't blame them, can we? After all, sales has evolved from the dark ages of door-to-door cold calling and pushy sales tactics that never do any good. 

But really, sales is all about helping people and providing them with solutions to problems. That's right. Sales is supposed to be fun, not terrifying. It just takes the right approach to do it. 

And what if I told you that selling from your comfort zone is actually the most powerful position you can take? Not convinced yet? 

Enter Stacey Hall –  bestselling author, founder, and coach (among many other things) – who is revolutionizing how to make selling easier and more effective. She's recently released a new book called Selling From Your Comfort Zone, which outlines her unique approach to tackling sales and business in general.

In this talk, Stacey reveals the Rubber Band Effect – a concept that explains why the best way to grow is often by staying within your comfort zone and expanding it little by little.  She also shares the tools and processes that help you stay in your comfort zone while still making progress, especially in the sales arena. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a salesperson, there's no doubt that this talk will change the way you think about selling. So get ready to learn how to sell from your comfort zone with Stacey Hall! 

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00:52 | What sales is supposed to be
03:42 | Stacey's story
07:43 | Our comfort zone is our power zone
09:11 | The Rubber Band Effect
13:17 | Stacey's business comfort zone
16:24 | Stacey's tools and processes

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Selling From Your Comfort Zone w/ Stacey Hall
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