Take Action, Embrace Imperfection, and Scale Your Business with Staci Gray

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Starting a business is as simple as taking that first step, but keeping it running? Yeah, that doesn’t always turn out as smooth as you want it to be. It can be messy and it’s never going to be picture-perfect. But guess what? Those bumps in the road to success and even the unexpected detours aren't your enemy. In fact, these are opportunities for you to step up and become even more fulfilled! 

In this week’s Boss Your Business Podcast, I got to sit down with Staci Gray, a coach and CEO with an impressive track record and over two decades in the business world. Tune in as she brings a wealth of insights about taking action, embracing imperfection, and scaling your business.

Meet The Guest:

After graduating high school at just 16, Staci Gray had a unique start. You see, instead of heading off to college like most of her peers, she began working in her father's business. 

Throughout the years, Staci juggled various roles - from answering phones and processing credit cards to coordinating events and seminars. Eventually, she found herself yearning for more than what her current job description offered. 

She convinced her father to let her step up, and Staci was handed the key to systems and structure – the "E-Myth" book by Michael Gerber. Inspired by this, she developed her first handbook on standard operating procedures and later worked to recruit and train her replacement.

Before she knew it, she was in charge of all their family businesses. Once they were stable, she returned them to her father and embarked on her journey to build her own company and business ventures. 

Unfortunately, a family crisis struck and her mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer. This prompted her to return and run the company. However, the first thing she did was implement a structured approach and hire a team for day-to-day operations. This allowed her to be present during her mother's final months.

Amid their family's most challenging moments, she found a silver lining — the inspiration that sparked her new business, Organize to Scale. Staci realized that she could use her experiences to help other entrepreneurs set up systems and processes.

Organize to Scale™ is a company that Staci built by documenting repeatable procedures and setting measurable metrics. Its purpose is to empower leaders with the visibility to monitor their business performance without getting lost in day-to-day operations.

Staci Gray is a phenomenal coach known for her emphasis on taking prompt steps to bridge the gap between ideas and profit. This episode is a great way to double down on the importance of embracing imperfection and taking life by the reins. 

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00:00 |Introduction
06:35 | Streamlining Business Operations For Minimal Involvement 
11:41 | Identifying Correct Indicators For Proper Business Assessment 
15:56 | Reframing Success And Failures As Learning Experiences
19:10 | Practical Guide To Organize Your Business To Scale

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Take Action, Embrace Imperfection, and Scale Your Business with Staci Gray
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