The 4 Layers of Accountability with Kyle Gillette

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There’s this question entrepreneurs have tossed around for ages: How do you build a prosperous business while maintaining a lifestyle you love? The reality is that scheduling your biz into your hectic life demands more than just wishful thinking; it requires being intentional with your actions and setting healthy boundaries. 

Join us again for this week’s Boss Your Business Podcast and discover how this week’s guest uses his secret accountability hack to boost not only your personal life, but also how you run your business! 

Meet The Guest: 

Kyle Gillette is a four-time business owner and current owner of Blue Shirt Coaching, which helps purpose-driven business owners Build better systems, Empower their teams, Grow their leadership, and Increase revenue and profits through next-level accountability. Kyle has multiple coaching and behavioral assessment certifications and is a podcast host, author, and creator of the Blue Shirt Leadership Framework.

The name of his company, Blue Shirt Coaching, might sound quirky, but there's a lot more to it (I mean, he’s literally wearing a blue shirt during our interview!). Jokes aside, BLUE is actually an acronym for how Kyle helps his clients – (B)e Self-Aware Leaders, (L)ead with Accountability, (U)se a Growth Mindset, and (E)mpower Others

This broad-spectrum mission statement translates to practical insights that Kyle shares from his own experiences. His story, and engaging narratives about business, leadership, and fatherhood make his advice and insights relatable. Ultimately, Kyle’s goal is to guide his clients to Be More, Do More, Have More, and Give More. 

So, be sure to catch the entire Boss Your Business Podcast episode and discover valuable insights on establishing healthier boundaries to enhance your mental well-being as a business owner.

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00:00 | Introduction 
06:47 | Building Trust And Communication Through Empathy
09:39 | Work-Life Balance Over Hustle Mindset
13:53 | Setting Healthy Boundaries 
17:49 | The Significance Of BLUE In Leadership
21:45 | Utilizing “More Of Less Of” For Effective Action


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The 4 Layers of Accountability with Kyle Gillette
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