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Everyone in different business industries always try to find better ways to make a mark in the digital world - where everything is available online. So, it's easy to get caught up with all the flashy ads, advanced technologies, and complex marketing strategies when trying to grow your online presence and make an impact. 

However, our guest for this week’s Boss Your Business Podcast will prove to you that ORGANIC MARKETING is still possible and believes that success can come down to something much simpler without ads or complicated tech stuff!

Meet The Guest:

Jeanne Omlor is a woman of diverse professional backgrounds, including fashion design, acting, filmmaking, teaching English, translating, executive recruiting, and even consulting. Everything seemed fine at first but as life has its ups and downs, becoming a working solo parent required her to reinvent herself to be able to provide for her family.

Initially, she launched a kid's blog that gained worldwide attention but it wasn’t sustainable. So when she tried to find her next job, she spent 10k on a Facebook Ads program only to find out that it wasn’t for her. Because of all the hurdles she faced trying to understand the online space, Jeanne decided to put her foot down and persevered through starting with what she knows best - coaching and networking!

In about 7 weeks she realized that coaches really needed help and after 900 conversions in Facebook Messenger and 18 sales calls, she found her first client. Since then, she has successfully helped thousands of clients maximize their potential through relationship-based marketing. 
Jeanne's organic rise from diverse beginnings proves large-scale coaching entrepreneurship is possible even without tech-led or investment-heavy models, especially when backed by determination and genuine care for clients. 

Her business growth was powered by authentic connections that made people easily understand what they wanted to know and how they could do it. To this day, Jeanne continues refining her coaching approach through a hybrid group with one-on-one support. 

For any coaches or solopreneurs seeking an alternative blueprint in life, check out the full Jeanne Omlor's Boss Your Business Podcast episode to truly be inspired whether you're tech-savvy or not!

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00:00 | Introduction
06:15 | Persevering Through Challenges and Hardships
10:07 | Be Willing To Learn To Know Your Limitations
12:15 | Sometimes, Sacrifices Fuels Growth And Progress 
16:39 | Serving Clients But Still Understanding Boundaries


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The Genius Client System with Jeanne Omlor
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