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As I walk through the evolution of my business, one lesson stands out vividly: stepping out of traditional methods fosters growth. The business world has always been quick to turn around, but the key to remaining competitive is an openness toward change, the ability to add value, and the finesse of adopting novel marketing strategies.

That's why today Iโ€™m excited to introduce a guest who embodies this philosophy โ€“ the founder of, Marco Torres. He sets the gold standard for how to channel transformative change, taking calculated risks, and blurring traditional business boundaries to boost growth and scalability!

Meet The Guest:

Marco Torres is no stranger to the thrill of entrepreneurship. His journey began as a pre-teen when he operated the largest paper route his local newspaper had ever seen, earning him a feature on the front page.

By the time he was 23, he owned and operated five restaurants and a nightclub. When Taco Bell made its entry into Puerto Rico, he sold his prime fast food court locations to them, marking his exit from the restaurant industry.

However, Marco's passion for business didn't stop there. He ventured into the corporate world and became an early adopter of internet marketing, pioneering email marketing way back in 1996, long before the term 'spam' was coined.

Marco has always believed in the efficiency of value-add incentives over traditional discounts in the realm of sales and marketing. The effectiveness of Marco's approach can be seen through his Facebook group, which has more than 30,000 active business owners. Now, these business proprietors are not just idle members, but actively engaging participants who enjoy tangible success from his Marketing Boost program.

The Marketing Boost program aligns with modern marketing trends, which emphasizes the importance of providing added value to customers rather than mere price reductions. It strengthens customer-business relationships and establishes a more loyal customer base, elevating your business with innovative reward systems, and moving beyond the usual Amazon gift cards.

Changing marketing tactics holds the key to unlocking the next level of success in your business. So, tune in to the full episode of the Boss Your Business Podcast โ€˜cause this just might be the spark you need to ignite developments, explore alternative business solutions, and redefine your marketing strategies. 

Time to step into better more sustainable marketing!

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The Marketing Boost with Marco Torres
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