Unlocking the Power of Aligned Entrepreneurship with Andrea Tessier

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Preserving your well-being while pursuing your purpose remains a challenge for a lot of us, especially in a world that glorifies hustle culture. While passion projects bring joy and fulfillment, the constant demands make us focus only on work. Burnout threatens to derail our lives without proper alignment of mind, body, and soul. But don’t worry, we have the expert to ease us out of this pickle – Master Coach Andrea Tessier is here to share her sage advice to help us create more sustainable success through unlocking the power of aligned entrepreneurship!

This week on the Boss Your Business Podcast episode, Andrea and I sit down to discuss her systems for supporting purpose-driven female entrepreneurs, plus share our thoughts on life, business, and energy.

Who is Andrea Tessier?

After a really good 13 years of conformity in teaching, Andrea Tessier realized that she was actually miserable and on the edge of burnout. It sparked her a path of self-discovery in the journey of what life really is. This led her to acquire diverse coaching skills and find enjoyment in serving clients.

With over 20 mind-body modalities under her belt, Andrea is committed to supporting purpose-driven female entrepreneurs. She addresses overwhelm at its root through science-backed techniques. Exploring the importance of tending to one's whole self beyond surface-level tasks. Gaining insights on maneuvering life's many roles in balanced harmony and so much more. Most importantly, take away skills for getting out of your own way to reclaim your worthiest work.

So what are you waiting for? Stop lurking and hit play ASAP to level up your whole-self game. Andrea's blueprint for developing sustainable success that nourishes both business and well-being just might be the answer to your high-vibe entrepreneurship manifestations. New strategies await to invigorate your journey as an aligned entrepreneur!


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πŸ† Highlights πŸ†

00:00 | Introduction
02:39 | Burnout From Conformity, Nurturing Our Soul
09:35 | Our Inner Self Affects Our Surroundings 
11:47 | Learning What You Want From Unlearning 
14:03 | Proper Collaboration Fuels Us; Not Drain Us
16:39 | Paradigm Shifting And Changing Your Mindset 
23:09 | Building A Community By Facing Obstacles


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Unlocking the Power of Aligned Entrepreneurship with Andrea Tessier
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