Why Video Messaging Isn't About Video w/ Ethan Beute

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As human beings, we all crave genuine connections and meaningful relationships. But in this day and age, with technological advances that allow us to communicate from miles away, it might feel like we’re losing our ability to create these bonds. 

That's why meeting Ethan Beute is a breath of fresh air. Ethan is the Chief Evangelist of BombBomb, which you probably already know as an innovative video-messaging company. But Ethan isn't here to talk about video messaging as we know it. He is here to show us that video messaging isn't about the video itself, but rather how it can be used to build human connections and foster meaningful relationships.

Ethan's story of transitioning from driving a school bus for Microsoft to other media jobs before finally being BombBomb's chief evangelist might give you an inkling of the kind of journey that he's been on. He'll talk to us about cross-mapping and how it can be useful when running a business, as well as what exactly made him leave his secured job to join BombBomb, a small company back then. 

Ethan will also discuss why it's essential for businesses to focus on developing warmth and competence, as well as the tools and processes that allow him to accomplish things while still being able to take a sabbatical.

If you're interested in learning more about why video messaging isn't about the video itself, then this episode is definitely for you. Join us as we explore Ethan's story and his insights on how to use video messaging to create meaningful relationships.

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Human-Centered Communication (ebook) freebie - https://bombbomb.com/freebook/ 

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πŸ† Highlights πŸ†
00:00 | Introduction
01:57 | Ethan's story
03:16 | Driving a school bus for Microsoft
08:20 | Other jobs
09:11 | Cross-mapping
10:36 | Leaving job security and going for something risky
12:58 | The BombBomb buy-in trigger
20:19 | Evolution as Chief Evangelist at BombBomb
22:38 | Entrusting important matters to faceless interactions
29:31 | Warmth and competence
33:29 | Tools and processes

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Why Video Messaging Isn't About Video w/ Ethan Beute
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